Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rest In Peace Auntie B

Our hearts have been saddened today. This afternoon, our wonderful friend Mona called us from Kaneohe, HI to give us the sad news that her Auntie B had passed away. Auntie B was 95 and would have been 96 in just a couple of weeks.

When we visited them back in 2006, we got to meet Auntie B. She reminded us so much of Auntie AhHow who lives in Virginia. Mona and Auntie AhHow came to our wedding back in 1985. Auntie B lived with Mona, Gordon, Leeya, & Scott. We got a hoot out of Auntie B and Grandma Fujimoto. They were a site together. We really got tickled when we heard that they went together by themselves to Vegas twice a year just to go to the casino's. Can't you see them little Chinese lady and one little Japanese lady? (Auntie B is Chinese and Grandma Fujimoto is Japanese) When we visited, Auntie B fixed us every morning fresh baked bread, fresh papaya, and some of her homemade Passion Fruit jelly. Of course at night she and Grandma Fujimoto would have a wonderful supper fixed for everyone to enjoy together. We also got tickled at how matriculate Auntie B would have the house, inside and outside. It was spotless! She even swept the yard, the curb, and the street in front of their home. Nothing was out of place. All of the beautiful tropical plants were beautiful like they were in a botanical garden. It was funny to see her tell Liache (their Red Chow who lives in the house) to hush in Chinese. I can still smell the bread just fresh from the oven.....

Mona you all are in our prayers and we will miss Auntie B very much! We just wish that our kids could have met her and got to know such a wonderful lady.....In Hawaii, Mona & Gordon's kids called us Auntie Joy and Uncle John. They all are more than friends.........their our family!

Rest In Peace Auntie B.....We Love You!

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