Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Little All-Star Diva

2009/2010 All-Stars
Katie and Tori having fun!

Our little model....

Miss All-Star

Our Great Team!

Coaches: Greg & Melanie Ledbetter

L to R: Alyssa Ledbetter, Grace Iocona, Marlee Smith, Sarah Owens, Ella Hale, & Katie Tubb

Ella, Sarah, & Katie with their All-Star Trophies

Sid gets his hug.....

but she is not going to give up a kiss!

At the free throw line.....

and she makes it.....

just don't you love her form....and yes she made that one too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kid Action.....

Ok we'll start this post off saying that it was "ALL NET". Last night Katie's team faced their "Rivals" in their age division. They were tied in Second Place for the Season with them. Last night was the game to tell who went home and who continued on in the Tournament. Last night Katie was HOT on the court. She scored 15 of the 19 points that her team scored. She scored more by herself than the other team did all together. The girls really did want to beat this team and go on to play in the Semi-Final Game Thursday night! If they didn't win anymore, this one was the best of the year. Our girls defense was "Top Notch!"
Katie is playing defense in this picture. I am so proud of her....she only had 2 fouls this game. Last game she had 5 in 3 periods. Go get 'em Katie Bug!

Dillon has Art this year as part of his curriculum. He said from the beginning that he was not an artist...well....Mr. Young has an inner wall that he hangs good artwork on and an outer wall that he calls the "Hall of Fame" Wall. Dillon's black and white abstract made the Outer Wall the Wall of Hall of Fame!
Ok, let's see who can guess what it actually is.....I was told what it was before I got there and it really does look like what he said it was suppose what you think....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Snow and Ice Storm 2010

We decided to take a little "Road Trip" yesterday and wound up on Highway 8 on top of Harrison Ferry Mountain. Enjoy these beautiful shots!
While we were driving up, it started to snow more.....
and more.....

and lots more.....they had a ball in the snow....before we came off the mountain it had snowed about 1 1/2 more inches....
You'd died laughing at some of the things that they were doing underneath that sign.....
Dillon has Katie on the run.....

It is soooo peaceful up there watching it snow....
My kids wanted to know where the Old #8 was at....we found trouble.....even had to put her in 4x4 in a couple of spots
You're not suppose to go down Old #8 in the winter time, but some people were already sledding while we were there....
I love how the snow is on the trees behind the kids.....
Wonderful times!
And yes...back to Home Sweet Home!
I couldn't pass up on the ice that was on my Burning Bush......
nor the ice that is on the White Dogwood Tree......
And as cold and bad as it is outside, this is what we are enjoying.....blooming in my kitchen. Robin Bell gave this as a gift this Christmas....isn't it beautiful! Oh, by the Plumeria tree that is in my bathroom for winter keeping....well...she shed all of her leave around Thanksgiving realizing the change of season....well she's putting leaves back on and we've got snow and ice. Go Figure!
God's Beauty!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prayer Request

Please keep Mark, Ann, & Ashli Kirby in your prayers. They are our cousin's and they lost their home in the Jacksboro Community to a fire. Mark and Ann had already left for work and Ashli was asleep in her room. Mickey Ralph and his wife saw the flames as they were passing by and rushed to the door and was banging and yelling for Ashli to get up. Ashli barely made it out with her pj's, flip flops, and a sheet to cover her in. As she ran through the Living Room, it was totally engulfed. Just shortly after she got out, the entire house fell into the basement. The house is a total loss. They are blessed that God had his hand on Ashli, keeping her safe. Please keep them in your prayers!
I just can't imagine the emotions that Ann and Mark had knowing that Ashli was at home and it was burning! God is Great and God is Good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blessed Details

God made plans for each and every little detail in our massive world! Gen. 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Sometimes we fail to see all of those little "details" he made. Today we would like to share somethings we are thankful for....rain, clouds, wind, little spots we can't explain, firewood, tulip bulbs busting from the ground, all of the different animals he created for us to enjoy, but most of all........we are blessed by the greatest detail.....Jesus!
Have a blessed week!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dillon and Cool Schools!

We have been waiting for the last few days, excitedly waiting for Channel 4 to come and let us show everyone why Warren County High School was selected as "Cool School"!
Early...........about 2 a.m. this morning, Dillon and I were up getting things ready so we could be out there early to help Pam Youngblood. We had all sorts of goodies that she had asked me to make and she had asked me to put together this HUGE basket we had for them. After I fixed the 4 delicious trays for the crew, I got my goodies for their gift basket together. I will put more pictures on when I get a chance.
The picture above is about 3:55 a.m. this morning. He and Mr. Bennett are presenting our wonderful new friend his very own WCHS shirt! Dillon was beyond excited. He was in one of the games and was the teen who gave Snowbird the HUGE basket.
Thank you to everyone who donated items for it! It was a MONSTER! We had Homemade baked goodies to Canned Garden Goodies to a darling Tea Towel to their favorites: Twinkies and Mountain Dew (we also threw in some Sundrop) to the MOST Precious Gingerbread Cookies the Special Education Kids made and decorated! Of Course I put the in the very front of the basket! To me....that was the best thing in there!
I will put more pictures on when I get a chance! The kids and faculty were awesome! Thank you to all who donated and who worked so hard to make today special!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Prayer Request

We have some prayer requests that we would like to share with you. Please pray for each one of these people, they are all having battling different and same illnesses.
Linda Golden
Linda King
Brenda Moore
These ladies are all battling Cancer.
Angela Black (Gennean and Richard Black's daughter)
Mary Freeman
These ladies are battling MS. Angela is in the hospital in Jackson seeking treatment and Mary is in a hospital in Nashville seeking treatment.
Please keep them in your prayers!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Happy 22nd Birthday To John Ryan!

A Happy Happy Birthday to John Ryan today! We are celebrating his 22nd Birthday!
He is pictured with his beautiful girlfriend/fiance' Kaitom (We call her Kadom....someone thought I had misspelled her name on a post from back in the Spring not knowing why I spelled it that way. Her Mother Kim calls him Junior! Go Figure!)
We are so proud of John Ryan....he was on the Dean's List 4 STRAIGHT Semesters and has only two more Semesters after this one before he is finished and graduated College! He will have degrees from two Colleges. He completed his first Minor back in the Spring and will finish his other Minor and his Major this time next year! Way to go son! We are sooooo proud of you and love you!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

WYG Halloween Party 2009

This year Shelby and Jessi hosted the Westwood Youth Group to a Costume Party Halloween Night. The kids had so much fun....he's a few pictures from the night.... Costume Contest Winners: L to R Macrae Thomsen, Kelsey Jones, and Dillon Tubb (& Toto hidden down in the basket)
They were so funny....they made their "Grand Entrance" singing the Wizard of Oz song...."We're Off To See The Wizard..." The three won a $50 Gift Card. Dillon was the winner of the Apple Bobbing Contest. He got 15 apples in 30 seconds. He won a $10 I Tunes card.
Trevor Moore and Katie are having a blast! Trevor is an ever so wonderful can of Sundrop and Katie is wearing one of her ballet costumes and she's a Twinkle Star....
Annie and Molly Wilmore are so cute! Annie was Daphne and Molly was Strawberry Shortcake. These two girls are the sweetest and are beautiful on the inside and outside!
Here's a picture of the entire group!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The Sanderson Sisters in the movie Hocus Pocus is one of our "favorites" this time of year!
We hope that everyone has a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Know It's Autumn, But....I Just Want To Think About Summer!

Well we all know that it's Autumn....the air is crisp in the mornings, we've had our first frost and hard freeze....but I just can't get Summer off my mind!
This picture is just another wonderful example of God's creative power! Georgetown is a beautiful place! This picture makes me want to dig my toes into the sand and forget about winter coming! I can almost hear the waves now.....

Katie Update...

We went to see Dr. Christofersen yesterday afternoon. He did several X-Rays and Thank The Lord it isn't broken. She does have something very unusual for someone of her age....she has Tendinitis in her hand and wrist. She has to wear a soft cast on it for about 4 weeks. We are so thankful for this. Please keep her in your prayers...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Off to TOA Again....

Well we are off to TOA again today. Katie started complaining Sunday night that her left hand was the same place she broke it back in the spring. We have an apt. today in Nashville.....I pray that it isn't broken again.
Please keep her in your prayers!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jr. BETA Induction

Today Katie was inducted with several other students at WCMS into the Jr. BETA Club. Mrs. Gibbs said to each one of the students, "You have been chosen by your teachers because you are the Best of The Best".
Close up of the Entire Group

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ag Day 2009

As promised, I took several pictures of Ag Day, but I can only get this one to upload quickly, gotta run and take care of my Mother....She's fallen again. Please keep her in your prayers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Break 2009

Yesterday afternoon Fall Break began for my kids. We are excited about having the next 10 days off from school!
I will post the pictures from Ag Day from yesterday just as soon as possible. I will also post some pictures of what we are into during fall break.
Check back soon!!!
Also, please put my MIL & John's Step-Mother on your prayer list. My MIL will be having some test run this next week and John's Step-Mother is in Centennial Hospital. She has had two surgeries and three hospital stays in the last two weeks.
Dillon is still taking orders for FFA. If you can't reach us by phone, e-mail us at and I will have him call you.
Have a safe and happy week!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

FFA Thanksgiving & Christmas Orders

Dillon will begin taking orders for the 2009 FFA Holiday Sales beginning tomorrow. He will have his catalog with all items and prices listed. If you are interested in ordering, please leave a comment, send an e-mail to or call 931-212-7303. Payment for orders are due upon ordering. You must specify if you want your order deliverable for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Getting Ready for Ag Day 2009

Ag Day will be this Thursday at WCHS. This is a picture of Dillon last year just before Sid cranked up the BIG Truck. Dillon will be showing again this year as well! I can't wait to post the pictures of this years Show and Parade.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God's Blessings....

Katie took this picture of a beautiful Tennessee sunrise, early one morning a few weeks ago.
This picture was taken on the way to one of Katie's basketball games. This picture and the one below, we call them "Heaven Stairs".

What a beautiful site! God blesses us with more than we will ever know.