Thursday, November 5, 2009

WYG Halloween Party 2009

This year Shelby and Jessi hosted the Westwood Youth Group to a Costume Party Halloween Night. The kids had so much fun....he's a few pictures from the night.... Costume Contest Winners: L to R Macrae Thomsen, Kelsey Jones, and Dillon Tubb (& Toto hidden down in the basket)
They were so funny....they made their "Grand Entrance" singing the Wizard of Oz song...."We're Off To See The Wizard..." The three won a $50 Gift Card. Dillon was the winner of the Apple Bobbing Contest. He got 15 apples in 30 seconds. He won a $10 I Tunes card.
Trevor Moore and Katie are having a blast! Trevor is an ever so wonderful can of Sundrop and Katie is wearing one of her ballet costumes and she's a Twinkle Star....
Annie and Molly Wilmore are so cute! Annie was Daphne and Molly was Strawberry Shortcake. These two girls are the sweetest and are beautiful on the inside and outside!
Here's a picture of the entire group!

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