Friday, December 4, 2009

Dillon and Cool Schools!

We have been waiting for the last few days, excitedly waiting for Channel 4 to come and let us show everyone why Warren County High School was selected as "Cool School"!
Early...........about 2 a.m. this morning, Dillon and I were up getting things ready so we could be out there early to help Pam Youngblood. We had all sorts of goodies that she had asked me to make and she had asked me to put together this HUGE basket we had for them. After I fixed the 4 delicious trays for the crew, I got my goodies for their gift basket together. I will put more pictures on when I get a chance.
The picture above is about 3:55 a.m. this morning. He and Mr. Bennett are presenting our wonderful new friend his very own WCHS shirt! Dillon was beyond excited. He was in one of the games and was the teen who gave Snowbird the HUGE basket.
Thank you to everyone who donated items for it! It was a MONSTER! We had Homemade baked goodies to Canned Garden Goodies to a darling Tea Towel to their favorites: Twinkies and Mountain Dew (we also threw in some Sundrop) to the MOST Precious Gingerbread Cookies the Special Education Kids made and decorated! Of Course I put the in the very front of the basket! To me....that was the best thing in there!
I will put more pictures on when I get a chance! The kids and faculty were awesome! Thank you to all who donated and who worked so hard to make today special!

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