Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kid Action.....

Ok we'll start this post off saying that it was "ALL NET". Last night Katie's team faced their "Rivals" in their age division. They were tied in Second Place for the Season with them. Last night was the game to tell who went home and who continued on in the Tournament. Last night Katie was HOT on the court. She scored 15 of the 19 points that her team scored. She scored more by herself than the other team did all together. The girls really did want to beat this team and go on to play in the Semi-Final Game Thursday night! If they didn't win anymore, this one was the best of the year. Our girls defense was "Top Notch!"
Katie is playing defense in this picture. I am so proud of her....she only had 2 fouls this game. Last game she had 5 in 3 periods. Go get 'em Katie Bug!

Dillon has Art this year as part of his curriculum. He said from the beginning that he was not an artist...well....Mr. Young has an inner wall that he hangs good artwork on and an outer wall that he calls the "Hall of Fame" Wall. Dillon's black and white abstract made the Outer Wall the Wall of Hall of Fame!
Ok, let's see who can guess what it actually is.....I was told what it was before I got there and it really does look like what he said it was suppose what you think....

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