Thursday, August 13, 2009

It has been asked..."Where in the world have you been?"

If we have received one e-mail asking....."Where in the world is your blog?", we've received a hundred. There has not been anything or anyone for any reason to cause us to delete our past posts.
We haven't been "surfing" the blogs very much lately. With all of our daily routines, we just simply haven't had much time for anything. We did take a long look and thought about a post that our cousin Paige Todd had on her last published post. Paige closed her page for lookers except family and friends who she only approves of. Paige and Dathan have two small children and they love sharing their pictures of their children just like we all do. Paige has a real legitimate claim.....there are alot of folks out there who just don't need to know everything that is going on in your life especially with your children. The internet is a wonderful place if you are there for the right reason. There are people who have an enjoyment of looking and reading about all of the wonderful things happening in your lives, but....there area really sick people who use the internet for other things......things that are just plain ole' wrong. We live in a time where sexual predators roam the internet freely. It is a sad world when we have to put a limit on things that we really would love for everyone to see.
We started our blog for our family members and our friends who live in other states and half way across the they could see our children grow up. Maybe in the near future, when time will allow us, to set up a private blog for our childrens pictures and what's going on in our lives. If you wish to be put on that list, please leave a comment below and we'll make sure and let you know when we get it up and running! But for now, we are going to use our blogspot for uplifting quotes and scriptures and uplifting verses.
Please pray for all of the sick and the ones who have lost loved ones!
The Tubb Family

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself :) Glad to see you're back!