Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Challenge To Everyone: "Go Gold!"

The Gold Ribbon™

The Gold Ribbon™ is the official ribbon of childhood cancer awareness symbol. It is endorsed by families of children with cancer worldwide, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, the National Childhood Cancer Foundation, support groups, friends, caregivers, and treatment centers. The Gold Ribbon™ Campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness was started in 1997 by Gigi Thorsen. She was inspired to launch this childhood cancer awareness campaign by the life of her daughter Kelsey. Cherish, remember and pay tribute to your child and all children who has or has had cancer by purchasing a gold ribbon and displaying it proudly.

Remember that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! We can "Paint The Town Pink" why not "Go Gold in Town and The Internet too"! Copy and paste the logo and help spread the much needed awareness of Childhood Cancer!

This post is in honor of all of the children who are battling cancer and those who have lost the battle.

Children are our future!

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  1. As a cancer survivor myself, I know the imnportance of supporting cancer awareness. Thank you so much!

    Thanks also for your sweet comments.

    BTW...your blog is bee-u-ti-ful!!